Add our widget thingy to your blog or website

Set up a MeasureBox ARS in 3 simple steps and copy/paste it into your site. That's all there is to it. Bing, bang, boom. You're done already. You can also keep it tightly focused and invite only certain people if you like by using our handy little invitation sender page.

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Direct your listeners your own site

Facebook and Twitter are great to find out what people think about your show, but making sense of all that text is another story. MeasureBox solves that for you. And since they get plenty of visitors anyhow, why not direct your listeners to your own site?

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Do what you do best: rock the radio

The results stream like a stock ticker during your show. No action on your part required. Later on, when you have time, you can check out what people in a particular City, State, DMA or even just one particular listener thought about your show second by second.

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Easy to use. It'll blow your mind.

MeasureBox captures your listeners reaction with a single click.

Use a MeasureBox widget to drive traffic to your own blog or website. Not some other site.

Join the conversation... find us on Facebook... follow us on Twitter... Those are some really great tools! But you know what? They are doing great even without your help. So... why not drive a little traffic to your own website? And get both detailed and aggregated feedback on your show from your listeners without all the clutter.

Get results. Live.

In addition to seeing aggregated live audience response live and as-it-happpens, MeasureBox gives you all your historical data and publicly available respondent info which you can analyze any time. Respondent comments are available to read along with results too.